Assemble a complete picture frame using just your thumb!  Takes less than a minute!

Just 2 Easy steps to make a corner

  1. Apply glue to 45 degree surface of frame
  2. Insert locking key

No special tools required. You can assemble a complete picture frame using nothing more than your thumb, some glue and a flat surface for assembly.

Order the size you need!
Side lengths range from 4 to 40 inches, with 1 inch increments in between. To assemble a complete picture frame, order one kit for the width of the piece you are framing, and one kit for the height. If you are framing a 24 x 36 poster, order one 24 inch kit and one 36 inch kit for a complete picture frame kit.

3 Profiles and 3 finishes to choose from!
Choose the profile that best fits your artwork, then pick an unfinished, Honey Gold or Walnut finish.

   The 1800 profile is the only frame available as unfinished.
   1200 & 1800 have a 3/4 inch face and a 1 inch height
   1100 has a 1 inch face and a 3/4 inch height

All hardware included!
Each picture frame kit comes with all the hardware you will need, including clips to hold your artwork in the frame. You supply the glue (and your thumb.)

Tuesday January 24th, 2017

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